Outtakes From the ‘No More’ Campaign Are More Powerful Than the Original PSAs

Y&R's 'Speechless' series

Sometimes, it's the unexpected things that happen on a commercial set that send the most powerful message of all.

Case in point: the Joyful Heart Foundation's "No More" campaign against domestic violence and sexual assault. The pro-bono effort, backed by Young & Rubicam in New York, began late last year with foundation founder Mariska Hargitay directing fellow actresses, actors and celebrities in talk-to-the-camera spots. It accelerated in October, as the NFL, reeling from domestic violence issues, contributed star players like Eli Manning to the cause.

Now, the campaign has rolled out a slew of new 30-second videos. And unlike the talky earlier spots, these ads focus on the moments when words fail. They are outtakes, essentially—unplanned moments where the on-camera talent was at a loss for words. And they make for some pretty powerful spots.

Check them out below, featuring stars including Hilary Swank and Hargitay herself.


Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York

Director: Mariska Hargitay

Editor: Steve Jess @ Wax

Writer/Art Director: Rachel Howald

Mix Engineer: Brian Goodheart, Sonic Union