Our Axe coverage continues

Through the beneficence of our friends at adland, AdFreak is pleased to offer this news update as part of our continuing coverage of advertising for Unilever’s Axe. Adland passed along the news of an Axe stunt pulled off in South African nightclubs by Lowe Bull there involving, "Axe women, all dressed like extras from Barbarella," who kidnap a male clubgoer and create commotion galore.

For even more titillating photographs, and a full rundown of the stunt—including the distribution of flyers about the missing man and the obligatory distribution of product—go to their site. For our money, we think you’ll find the photos more interesting, but it’s an inspired bit of marketing, nonetheless. If your boss comes across you ogling the Axe chicks you can tell him or her that actually you were trying to further your career.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor