Orangina animals go from sexy to annoying

Fred & Farid made a splash in 2007 with this animal-orgy spot for Orangina, a commercial that more than impressed its tagline, "Naturally juicy," upon the viewer. Now, the agency has brought the Orangina animals back, but this time they're a lot less sexy. The hyena in the spot above cackles gratingly after some woman trips in a café. And the giraffe in the spot below, who exudes a Jar Jar Binks vibe, sniffs a guy's butt and then kidnaps him. These animals were better off when they didn't try to integrate themselves into human society. The spots are for Orangina Light, and the animals are apparently misbehaving to get across the new theme, "Wickedly light." But instead of wicked, they're just wicked annoying.

—Posted by Tim Nudd