An opportunity the sycophantic can’t pass up

Bogusky1Ever wanted to have a joint boxing session with JWT’s Bob Jeffrey? Well, actually, me neither (though in this particular case, it’s more about the boxing than any problem AdFreak has with Bob). But, still, if you wish to tap into your inner pugilist, or, conversely, your overwhelming urge to suck up to some of advertising’s leading lights, then mark your calendars for November 29th, when the Advertising Club (didn’t it used to be called the Advertising Club of New York?), will host a silent auction at LQ in Manhattan of ad execs at what it is calling its “First Annual Holiday Party,” designed early to beat the holiday rush. If the Bob Jeffrey opportunity doesn’t do it for you, other possibilities include go-cart racing on Long Island with Alex Bogusky (pictured here, sans go-cart, and—I think—Long Island), power walking in Central Park with Linda Kaplan Thaler, and—this one’s a little hard to figure—rooting for the Yankees with Phil Dusenberry in his “personal corporate” box. Does that mean that Omincom Group or BBDO has granted its former exec his own box? Or that Dusenberry now has his own corporation? Sorry, I’m overthinking again.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor