Opie and Anthony fans invade Howard Stern appearance!

Howardstern_1This just in to the AdFreak newsroom.

It appears that Howard Stern’s appearance in Union Square today to give out free Sirius units (see post below) was — gasp! — partially co-opted by Opie and Anthony fans who, in the words of our observer, “showed up chanting and carrying signs” and then had words with Howard Stern fans. Gee, can you imagine what some of those words might have been?

Plus, our person on the scene reports, “I was pretty disappointed to get a ‘voucher’ for a free Sirius unit ONLY if you prepay for a year of service for $142.45. The Sirius unit itself costs $150.00. So I’m not sure what they mean by ‘Free Stuff.’ ”

There’s a lesson here … somewhere. Wait a minute, it’s coming to us. Oh, it has something to do with how Howard Stern has a $500 million deal and the rest of us get to stand around hoping for free stuff that isn’t free. That’s gotta be why Mel Karmazin just signed up with Sirius too.

–Posted by Catharine P. Taylor