‘Ooh, nice tool!’ says Planned Parenthood

Here’s a stylish, rock ’n’ roll TV spot for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in which a young woman really knows how to use the various tools at her disposal. “My father always told me to use the right tool for the right job,” she says. The moment where her blue work shirt flies off is particularly amusing. (For what it’s worth, I was able to stream the video via the “Download it” link rather than the “Stream it” link.) A press release sent out this morning by the American Life League carries the somewhat confused headline, “Planned Parenthood’s TV Commercial Raises the Bar for the Depths of Depravity.” A rep there clarifies: “The ad is beyond disgusting. The entire scenario is wrought with sexual innuendo regarding the connection between power tools and sexual performance.” Yes, but it’s also about using condoms.