Ooh! Aah! What a banner

Virgin_4We’ve written about Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s online advertising for Virgin Atlantic before—specifically, the “complimentary weird dream interpreter.” But as we were checking our Yahoo! e-mail this morning, we spied the curious banner shown here. Moving our cursor across it, the hands moved invitingly. A click here and a click there brought forth moaning sounds. “Ooh!” “A bit to the right.” “Right there!” “Aah!” We were sort of glad we were at home and not at the office. You can check out the ad here (thanks, Jeff), and also see what other kinds of “inflight beauty therapy” Virgin offers in addition to massage by clicking here. Anyway, is it just us, or do the Yahoo! mail pages host some of the cooler banner ads out there? Maybe it’s just us.

—Posted by Tim Nudd