One word or two? Some ads don’t care.

Workout “Workout and you will soon go up the corporate and social ladder.” Is this headline the work of WriterElf? There’s a whole series of these FitnessOne ads posted at Twenty-Four, and each one of them spells “work out” as one word instead of two. And the quality doesn’t improve much from there. (At least there are no punctuation problems.) It reminds me of the old Toyota tagline, “Everyday,” which at the time provoked a near-revolt among some Saatchi copywriters, who believed it should have been two words, “Every day.” But the one-word version, meaning “ordinary” or “commonplace” (probably not the message Toyota really intended), was chosen anyway, because it was “cleaner” visually. Some of the Saatchi writers complained that the “Everyday” line actually “hurt their eyes.” These FitnessOne ads do the same.

—Posted by Tim Nudd