One ringy dingy: Jersey shop telemarkets prospective clients

Phone_4If you’re a marketing veep, you may have spent the last couple of weeks being harangued by pre-recorded voicemails from Hammerhead Advertising. The ads, recorded as skits with the help of an improv actor, depict various agency execs trying to break through a client’s impenetrable fortress, battling overzealous security guards and smarmy receptionists, one of whom accuses the caller of selling him “laxative chocolates” the previous day. Thankfully, these spate of calls ended yesterday and, while the execs over at the N.J. shop said they’ve gotten an impressive 50 percent response rate—some amused, some angry—I suggest they examine just what these tactics say about them. 1. They’re innovative. 2. They like sophomoric, improv-ish comedy. 3. They have such a hard time getting prospects to take their calls, they’ve resorted to telemarketing their wares.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit