One musician’s unbitter view of selling out

Andrearevel_2 Target’s “Brave New Dorm” spot grossly overestimates the amount of living space college freshmen get (even without all the crap their roommates will bring), but it does have a catchy tune to distract people from the unrealistic decorating schemes. As The Sneeze informs us, the song is a 30-second hiccup written for the ad by Canadian songwriter Andrea Revel, who is more honest than most about the financial gains of writing music for ads. “Commercial licensing agreements are generous and give me the ability to record albums and tour,” she says, even if she doesn’t really get time to “dwell on” her songs before they’re snatched away by whoever hired her services. Still, it’s nice to see that Revel is unfazed by the whole process.

—Posted by David Kiefaber