One movie that won’t need a MySpace page

I can’t think of many movies where a come-on line like “I can drive at night” might score any action. Something’s Gotta Give and In Her Shoes, maybe. But the flirty line gets a rise in Susan Seidelman’s new romantic comedy for aging baby boomers, Boynton Beach Club. (The original title was The Boynton Beach Bereavement Club, before marketing considerations prevailed. It could also be called Viagra in the City, for that matter.) Samuel Goldwyn Films/Roadside Attractions has its work cut out for it in selling the film, with humor that’s soft on the dentures and pathos that’s tough on the escapism. Last I checked, Hollywood’s definition of a sexy babe wasn’t a 69-year-old, but then, Dyan Cannon and Sally Kellerman are accomplished moisturizers, and Len Cariou and Joseph Bologna still have full heads of hair. As the under-$10-million picture opens in 35 theaters, Seidelman tells AdFreak she’s desperately seeking bright word of mouth to prove studios wrong in neglecting this “huge under-represented demographic” that’s starved for “characters they can see themselves in.” With a little vim and vigor from the AARP and senior movie clubs across suburbia, the strategy is to get the retiree buzz on—and rock the entertainment vote. Whether the “sexual situations, nudity and profanity” that earned Boynton its R rating will help or hurt is unclear. But maybe I just need new glasses.

—Posted by Laura Blum