One more reason to love (or hate) Marmite

Having grown up in the U.K., I can attest to the undying joys of Marmite, the black yeast-extract paste that every English kid is forced to ingest until he/she develops a lifelong masochistic attachment to the stuff. I’m also aware that almost every non-U.K.-bred human being with working taste buds finds Marmite revolting. (It’s a truism that unless you begin eating Marmite before age 2, you will never acquire a taste for it.) I don’t get to write about Marmite a lot, so it was my joy today to see some Marmite ad news over on George Parker’s AdScam blog. George doesn’t seem to like Marmite very much (something about a “shit-tasting concoction”), but he’s good enough to pass along the news that Marmite is unveiling a new squeezable bottle—quite a step for a product that makes you work hard for almost everything—and a $6 million ad campaign from DDB to support it. The ad, which doesn’t seem to be online yet, will show a man who has broken his arm trying to get the last scrapings out of his Marmite jar. (If only he had the new bottle.) The tagline remains, “Love it or hate it”—a great slogan that is put to good use on the Marmite Web site, which is actually two sites: one for Marmite lovers and one for Marmite haters.