One little big problem for 'Little Big Planet'

Sony’s release of the highly anticipated video game Little Big Planet has been put on hold after a Muslim gamer discovered quotes from the Qur’an in one of the background music tracks. Apparently, mixing Qur’an scripture with pop music is highly offensive in Muslim culture. It’s also possible that the particular phrases used, "Every soul shall have the taste of death" and "All that is on earth will perish," are inappropriate for the fun-loving world of Sackboy. The game, which is already on store shelves in some areas (even though it wasn’t due out in North America until Oct. 21), is being recalled globally, and of course gamers are whining. A tentative new launch date has been set for Oct. 27. Who knows how much the slip-up will cost Sony, which has already shipped most of the discs. The company is counting on Little Big Planet to boost its PlayStation 3 console, which has been biting it for a while now, and has given the game the biggest little campaign of the year, including those adorable tiny billboards we wrote about earlier. Now, everyone involved must be feeling small.