‘One Hour Agency’ Promises Quality Advertising Ideas in 60 Minutes

Latest quick-serve solution

Sweden's One Hour Agency is the brainchild of interactive art directors Ben Langeveld and Ingmar Larsen, who, along with a half-dozen other creatives from the Hyper Island program, want just 60 minutes of your time. "You give us one hour. We generate quality ideas," they say.

At typical client-agency meetings, awkward pauses and efforts to reboot PowerPoint can last longer than an hour, but this startup remains undeterred. "It's not that you deliver a final solution," says Larsen, who believes 60 minutes is plenty of time to "build relationships by showing how you work, who you are and what you can do." OHA's approach seems more genuine than some previous gimmicky models—like "World's Fastest Agency" or "Pay What You Want"—because it doesn't overpromise. "If the meeting works from both sides, then we offer different kinds of packages depending on the brief," says Larsen. The crew is currently working on a project for Swedish Public Radio.

OHA has a handy pie-chart that breaks down the first hour: 10 minutes each for greetings, evaluation and presentation, and 30 minutes for ideation. That's pretty packed. Demands for bigger logos and "guaranteed viral" videos presumably require buying more time.

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