One college’s recruitment ads get personal

Wilkes University’s decision two years ago to put prospective students in ads for the college sounds a little weird and invasive, but apparently it’s working. And it’s easy to see why. Marketing firm 160over90 conducts in-depth interviews with the prospects, their friends and families—then appeals to them in ads that mention “their hobbies and accomplishments, hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, even their nicknames.” That last nugget of info explains ad copy like “Hey Kristen Pecka. Only your closest friends at Central Catholic call you Pecka-lecka-lecka. Choose Wilkes University and add 2,362 more people to that list.” I’m sure she’ll get right on that. On the whole, it’s just quirky enough to drum up enrollment for a while, and I’d be extremely entertained if my alma mater had attempted this. “Hey Dave Kiefaber. You’re from somewhere that isn’t New Jersey and your last name doesn’t end in a vowel. Please? We’re not too proud to beg.”

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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