One Club calls D&AD arcade game a rip-off

Logos_1Claw vending machines,” otherwise known as “toy crane machines,” are those arcade games where you operate a claw and try to grab a prize (usually a stuffed animal). Until now, they’ve mostly made headlines when little children somehow manage to crawl inside them. But now they’re at the center of a dust-up between The One Club and D&AD. The One Club created a claw vending machine called the “Pencil Catcher” as part of its call for entries in Japan in 2005, with a gold Pencil up for grabs inside. (The Web site ended up winning a bronze Clio in 2006). Now, the D&AD is using practically the same idea for its 2007 student call for entries—check out the video on their Web site. The One Club wonders, “While imitation is the highest from of flattery, when is that line crossed?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd