In ONE campaign, you can be a star

We’re up to five recent instances of audience participation in advertisingdid someone christen this "’Yes, Even You Can Work in Advertising’ Week" and not tell us? This time around the pro-bono effort (oops, just got ensnared in an unintended pun) the ONE campaign is asking people to take a hi-res picture of themselves in a white t-shirt (not like the one here, which was the best visual we could muster), wearing their white "ONE" wristband and send it in to for possible inclusion in a ONE newspaper ad. Four pictures will be selected. If you want our advice, shoot yourself in black-and-white, as the premise is to make the ad look like the celeb-fabulous, black-and-white ONE advertising. A new TV spot in the campaign broke yesterday and can be seen here.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor