One Agency That Was Really Jumping Up and Down for Leap Day

Space150 raises money for charity with 24-hour mobile site

You probably spent Feb. 29 watching YouTube videos, staring at a blank Word doc, and reading AdFreak. Or maybe you were one of the more than 1800 people who observed Leap Day by jumping up and down to raise money to feed the hungry. Minneapolis-based digital agency space150 created Leap for Loaves, a 24-hour mobile site that used smartphone accelerometers to measure how much air—in inches—each visitor was racking up, then tallied the aggregate height. That total broke 1,000 feet, so the agency will give $1,000 to food bank Second Harvest Heartland. Sure, it's self-promotional, but you can't argue with giving creatives a reason to unglue their asses from their office chairs. The smart ones would have gamed their phones like Shake Weights—making the offbeat quadrennial like most other days in the life of an adman.