One agency’s post-mortem checklist

Yesterday I opended an e-mail from Digitas titled, “A DigBit: 20 things to ask ourselves each day” (scroll to the bottom of the Web page to see the list). I was intrigued. Written by ecd George Tennenbaum and originally posted on the agency’s blog, the questions are meant to be asked once an assignment is finished. Among the choice questions: Have you done the assignment or have you done the job? Will it scare the client? Will it scare you? Will it scare your boss? Will it scare general agencies? And finally: Will it make Digitas hot? (Did Paris Hilton help with the list?) If the questions aren’t asked—and, the implication is, if most of the answers aren’t “yes”—the consequences may be grave, according to Tennenbaum. Before his list he parades a group of “legendary” marketing companies, including D’Arcy and Needham Harper & Steers, that went out of business. You have been warned.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool