For once, D.C. gets a movie premiere

Thank_you_for_smokingIt’s not often that the nation’s capital hosts a premiere of a Hollywood movie. But when the film is a satirical sendup of the power brokers that make this place tick, it would be foolish to ignore us, especially if you want buzz. Thank You for Smoking, the movie version of the Christopher Buckley book featuring a tobacco lobbyist, debuted Saturday night at an event sponsored by Capitol File, the Niche Media magazine that targets luxury consumers. (See the trailer here.) Lead actor Aaron Eckhart and director Jason Reitman showed up before the movie started to wish the audience many good laughs. The party continued later at Blue Gin, a swank nightclub in Georgetown where some of the real-life lobbyists and journalists rubbed elbows in the age-old power dance. Among those on hand: Dan Glickman, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, along with Judy Woodruff, former host of CNN’s Inside Politics, and her husband Al Hunt, the Washington editor of the Wall Street Journal. Real-life members of the “MOD Squad”—short for “merchants of death,” they’re the tobacco, alcohol and gun lobbyist/PR types who meet weekly for lunch in the movie—were seen circling the bar. Asked how it felt to be considered a “merchant of death,” Frank Coleman, svp of public affairs and communications for the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S., didn’t miss a beat. He reminded AdFreak that alcohol is unlike tobacco. “In fact, study after study has shown that for many adults, moderate consumption of alcohol can be good for your health,” Coleman said. “No one ever said smoke a cigarette or two a day and you will live longer.”

—Posted by Wendy Melillo