Olympic Skier Ted Ligety Chats With a Snowflake Depressed About Climate Change

And plays the 'thigh drums'

Olympic skier Ted Ligety plays straight man to a sullen, animated snowflake in this 90-second spot from Al Gore's Climate Reality Project.

It's part of CRP's "I Am Pro Snow" campaign featuring winter sports stars. Ligety's side of the conversation was created from footage of the gold medalist chatting with a technician while shooting a segment for Warren Miller's documentary Ticket to Ride.

Copywriter Jim Heekin voices the snowflake, who's just not cool with global warming. "For me, 2013—not the best year," he says. "I had a lot of my friends, close friends, melt way before their time." The flake tries to get a grip, telling Ligety: "Sorry, dude. This is my stuff. I should be a better friend to you."

The absurdity continues as the skier provides thigh-drum accompaniment while the flake raps, "Yo, my name is snow/And my beats got flow/And, yo, these winters gettin' hotter/'Case you didn't know." (Climate change skeptics will, of course, point to the fact that early 2014 has been one of the coldest winters for most of the U.S.)

Props to CRP for taking an unconventional approach, though the spot might be a bit too flaky for its own good.