Olson staff freeze ass off for self-promotion

The e-mail from Jennifer Weismann, the new communications director at Olson, began thusly: “With wind chills dipping to -25 and -30 this week in Minneapolis, exposed skin can become frostbitten in 5 minutes or less. So why did our Olson leadership team take this picture? Mostly because I thought it was funny to make everyone go outside and pose.” See a larger photo here. The point, I guess, is to present Olson as the “hot” agency from cold climes (“stone cold hot,” as the e-mail’s subject line put it). Jen is probably a bad hire, but she’ll get this agency on the cover of Fast Company someday—if the employees don’t freeze to death first. Actually, this stunt will make any upcoming layoffs (let’s pray they don’t happen) a lot more palatable. Some staffers may even volunteer. Of course, the folks at Crispin would’ve gone topless, just to prove they could.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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