Oliver Stone Is Smoking a Joint on Cover of Latest ‘High Times’

Magazine's new editor promises stronger stuff

Chris Simunek, the new editor in chief of High Times, is looking to put hard-hitting, relevant War on Drugs political journalism back into the magazine, which is why he personally led the charge by gabbing with Oliver Stone about his latest movie. Well, I guess that's not fair. Savages is kind of about the drug war, and Stone is no stranger to—or opponent of—the ol' thunder cabbage. So, he's well within the magazine's bailiwick. It just seems a little convenient to me that they kicked this plan off with a venerated celebrity. Still, I can't blame Stone for wanting to talk up his movie. From what I've heard so far, it could use the help. And the magazine's August cover, showing Stone smoking a joint, will get more press than High Times has seen in a while.

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