Olive Garden Becomes the ‘O.G.’ in This Hilarious Gangsta Ad From Jingle Punks

The account is in review

You might think of Olive Garden as a conventional family restaurant, a little on the vanilla side, that sits somewhere near the Best Buy in suburbs across the country. You'd be wrong. It's a dope establishment straight outta Compton. And just so you know, Holmes, the breadsticks are killer.

The Olive Garden ad account is in review, after 30 years at Grey, so the pranksters at Jingle Punks are making a play. To grab some attention, and potentially a piece of business, the music and marketing studio created a spec ad that gives Olive Garden an "O.G." makeover. Or rather, it brings out the gangsta that was already there. Expect bling, bandanas and pit bulls aplenty in this video.

The tactic has worked for Jingle Punks before—the firm landed a multi-year deal with Yahoo after coming up with a music video on the fly when Marissa Mayer complained about the tunes on the company's "hold" mode. The studio also works with NBC's hit The Voice, and did an orchestral remake of the classic Meow Mix ditty that racked up 20 million views on social media.

In the current case, the targeted brand is near and dear to their hearts, according to Jingle Punks co-founder and president Jared Gutstadt, who highly recommends the fried calamari. "Whenever our company closes a big deal, we go down to the local Olive Garden, and I realized that only real gangsters call it the O.G."