Old Spice’s Ray Lewis inspires bears to talk


Ray Lewis, rider of the jet-powered robotic raven, is back in this new Old Spice spot, in which he claims that animals learn to talk just so they can hang out with him. Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy are in a funny position now. This whole Ray Lewis thing isn't going over so well with viewers. It's not terrible—it's just not Isaiah Mustafa. The top-rated YouTube comment for the spot below reads: "Look at this video, now back to Isaiah's, now back at this video, now back at Isaiah's. Sadly, it isn't Isaiah's, but if producers stopped using Ray Lewis and switched to using Isaiah Mustafa for their commercials, they could make more awesome commercials. Look down, back up, What just happened? This video just got more dislikes while Isaiah's got more likes. Anything is possible when commercials are done right, I'm on a YouTube."