Old Spice Stresses Men’s Horse-Like Aspects

Old Spice has a thing for horses. First, we had the showering centaur, who was two things in one ("a man and a very smart shopper"). Now, we get two new spots from Wieden + Kennedy, half-aimed at women, starring "the man your man could smell like"—and in each one, the guys ends up on a horse. Why always a horse? Sociologist who've somehow found time to study Old Spice ads declare it to be a big anatomy joke. "Drawing in the idea of a particularly potent man being 'hung like a horse,' the [centaur] ad implies that users of Old Spice body wash are not only 'smart shoppers' and good 'providers,' but also that they are heterosexual dynamos in the sack with really big penises!" they write. Shameful! Axe did the same thing with Pitman (its disembodied armpit spokes-part) once upon a time. Who knows. The image below, from the second new Old Spice ad, won't refute the theory. See that spot after the jump.