Old Spice guy pairs up with Komodo dragon


Isaiah Mustafa returns in this new clip to plug Old Spice’s Komodo body wash. Based on the beast’s actual behavior and dietary habits, here’s what would happen if a Komodo dragon chose to stalk and devour the preening pitchman. The hungry reptile would, ironically enough, use its keen sense of smell to locate Mustafa by following that clean, manly Old Spice aroma. It would then use its cruel, bacteria-soaked fangs to tear off large hunks of the spokeshunk—buh-bye, washboard abs!—and swallow the pieces whole. The beast might even ram the suave stud’s torso against a tree in order to force it down its throat. Post digestion, the dragon would regurgitate bits such as bones and hair … and one grotesquely befouled bath towel. Alas, none of this happens in the spot below. The ad sure would’ve rocked if it had. Komodo dragon: killer. Old Spice commercials: not so much anymore.