Old Spice Biker Breaks Free From Fat Man’s Body

Second 'Smell better than yourself' spot

Here's the second commercial (following the "Sea Captain" one) in Wieden + Kennedy's new "Smell better than yourself" campaign for Old Spice. It features a chubby guy in a locker room who takes a whiff of Old Spice Swagger—and suddenly starts literally falling to pieces. He cracks apart like porcelain, with bits of his unmanly husk shattering on the floor, revealing a super manly biker dude inside. The whole locker room falls away, too, as the hot tub next to him transforms into a gigantic sidecar—with its pair of occupants making humorous metamorphoses as well. The sight gags here, while pretty standard for an Old Spice spot, nonetheless feel fresh and funny. "The scents of Old Spice turn embarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery," says the YouTube description.