Old Navy supermodelquins strut and preen

Sony's living mannequins can shuffle aside. Old Navy's got something even better: supermodelquins! They appear in a new Old Navy flier designed to look like a celebrity magazine, and they'll soon be invading the retailer's stores. The campaign is getting splashed across the media today, generating lots of free impressions, so naturally the agency is Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Maybe Crispin got the idea for lifeless models from Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld's work in the agency's Microsoft campaign. The modelquins, which will also star in TV ads, are racially diverse! Actually, the one with the ponytail looks anorexic, but that's how they roll in the world of high fashion. The campaign is an attempt by Old Navy to reverse a lingering sales slump, which client rep Tom Wyatt blames on the company shifting its focus away from moms with young kids. "We walked away from our customer," Wyatt tells some random reporter named Mae Anderson at the Associated Press. No chance of that with the modelquins: They stand in place at all times!

—Posted by David Gianatasio