Old Navy keeps the mannequin motif going

Modelquin Makeover

Old Navy and Crispin Porter + Bogusky continue to build out the year-old Supermodelquin ad campaign in pretty fun ways. We recently mentioned the "Supermodelquin Super Search" promotion, but if you weren’t able to pose with a mannequin at an Old Navy store before the deadline, you can still get involved in the second challenge, "Modelquin Makeover." You have roughly three more days to design a digital mannequin version of yourself, which other visitors can rate on a scale of 1 to 10. Soon, the third and final challenge, called "Lights, Camera, Plastic," will be unveiled. The winners from each challenge will then be narrowed down to one final Supermodelquin, who will win $100,000 and appear in an Old Navy commercial. Speaking of commercials, be sure to check out the campaign's newest ads, like the “Sundown Gown Challenge” spot below, which is more entertaining at 30 seconds than a whole season of America’s Next Top Model.

Posted by David Griner