That old flame will be cursing Pond’s cream

The smarmy good looks, leering glances and intensely smoldering accent of the lead actor in this Pond's spot by Bassat Ogilvy are almost hypnotic. He could be last guy they cut before picking a better actor to play the next James Bond. In the ad, he and an old flame (Octopussy?) show up to look at the same penthouse. When he tells her, "It's the perfect flat for one. Or maybe even two," I thought his over-emoting might knock her flat on her back—a perilous position with that creep in striking range. Thankfully, she remains upright, and her new beau arrives, leaving "The Guy Who Loved Me" to pull a final sad face that makes it look like he's been sucking on a lemon. It's a cute spot tagged "Fix you past," though "Fix your cast" could also apply.
—Posted by David Gianatasio