Oh, You Will ‘Like’ These Facebook ‘Like’ Stickers

You can't really go wrong with Facebook-related crap. You could probably build an entire business around it. Here, we have some (nonofficial) Facebook "Like" stickers, which you can slap on things in the real world that you "like." The website suggests various objects that might be worthy of "Like" stickers, including: animals (probably not recommended in every case), flowers (just what they need), pints of Guinness (hard to argue with), Vespas (ditto), BMWs (tacky), and yourself (loser). They're going for $14 per 130 stickers, and they come in various sizes. And truly, this is a great step toward making your actual life as enjoyable, well-rounded, and fulfilling as your virtual life. Via The Denver Egotist.

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