'Oh Beautiful Beer' Collects Great Graphic Design by Brewers

Thirsty for some wonderful packaging?

Man, beer has gotten really arty in the last year or so. Case in point, Oh Beautiful Beer, a whole blog dedicated to "remarkable graphic design from the world of beer." Muskoka's Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout is the obvious winner—because come on, beards. Sadly, most of the other labels here are too orthodox. The fact that Harrumph! Brewing's label isn't an ink drawing of an offended plutocrat strikes me as a wasted opportunity. Looking at this stuff reminds me that it's too bad Edward Gorey never designed a beer label like Ralph Steadman did. I'm sure The Dwindling Pilsner would have looked great. Via PSFK. More images after the jump. Visit the blog for the real buzz.