Oceanic’s unfriendly skies

Oceanic_1Who wants to take up the marketing challenge for poor Oceanic Airlines?

The carrier has had a bad autumn. In September, one of its jets went missing somewhere in the Pacific, after losing radio contact shortly after take off from Sydney, Australia. (There is hope for survivors.) And this week, another of its jets encountered trouble during a Category 6 storm in the Midwest.

Oceanic has had trouble before. In 1996, one of its planes was taken over in a terrorist attempt that was bad news for several special-operations officers (including some well known to the public). Another of its jets (maybe even the same one?) may have been involved in a less-publicized event the same year.

What’s even harder to believe than all these mishaps is that even people who claim to be knowledgable about the airline seem to be in the dark, as evidenced in this interview.

Good luck to the poor agency that lands this account (and the executives bound to fly its airways).

Oh wait, is Oceanic Airlines not real?

–Posted by Aaron Baar

Photo: Brian Lockett