NYC won’t touch anti-groping subway ads

Subway groping seems to be a regular frottage industry these days, to the point where New York City transit officials have shelved a planned anti-groping campaign because they fear it will actually encourage perverts. Not even reports that “63 percent [of female riders] claimed to have been sexually harassed” on the subway can sway the MTA. Part of the problem is that a similar campaign in Boston (featuring the ad shown here and others) has led to increased reportings of gropings. That would seem to be the point of the campaign, but NYC is evidently worried that gropings themselves may have risen. Admittedly, the phrase “I’ll expose you,” while clever enough in context, might set off the weirdos. Maybe they could try “You’ll be arrested,” “You’ll be sent to prison,” or “You’ll be eaten by wolves.” Via Gawker.

—Posted by David Kiefaber