Now’s your chance to help fill in the blank

Yoursister Ever wish you were just a bit ahead of the curve on pop culture? Well, today’s the day. The "brains" behind ABC’s Cavemen and Blades of Glory have signed on to direct a coming-of-age comedy called I Want to ____ Your Sister. With such a classy start, you can just see where the marketing is headed. Posters will go up in major cities, blanks will get filled, hilarity will ensue. And mark my words, some bloggers will turn the title into a contest of intellect and irony. So, I say we beat everyone to the punch. Let’s find the best word to fill in the blank. The further it takes the title from its original intent, the more likely you are to win. I’ll throw out a few starting points in the comments. See you there.

—Posted by David Griner