Now Your Whole House Can Be a Shrine to Fenway’s Green Monster, Thanks to Benjamin Moore

Red Sox fans, rejoice

For many Red Sox fans, the only thing more iconic about Fenway Park than chanting "Yankees suck" is the Green Monster, and now you can bring a taste of that towering wall home with you.

Benjamin Moore's Fenway Collection lets baseball fans buy the exact shades of paint used in the ballpark, and of course the most iconic color being promoted is Green Monster.

Other shades in the collection are Boston Red, Boston Blue, Baseline White, and Foul Pole Yellow, just so we're all caught up.

The Martin Agency's video spots for the collection, set to the Standells' "Dirty Water," are full of civic pride and Tom Sawyer-worthy fence painting, including an unlikely shot of someone climbing up a ladder with paint bucket in hand as if to touch up the Green Monster manually. He's like the John Henry of stadium painting.

More seriously, Benjamin Moore has pledged to renovate youth league ballparks around Boston with some of the sales of its Fenway Collection and has already repainted a field in West Roxbury.


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