Now drink Guinness’s squirmy little soldiers

A pint of Guinness isn’t just a pint of Guinness. It’s a playground for thousands of tiny space-age stuntmen, clad in white suits, getting shot gleefully out of cannons and exploding onto enormous black drums. There’s also a large harp inside the pint, along with a bunch of horns and cymbals, so be careful not to choke on them when imbibing. The tagline is, “It’s alive inside.” Which seems ok for a yogurt, but for a beer? UPDATE: David Griner adds: What they’re really illustrating (I think) is the “Guinness cascade,” a strange effect where bubbles on the outside of the glass go down, but bubbles in the middle of the glass go up. It’s somewhat hypnotic, especially on your third Guinness.

—Posted by Tim Nudd