Notes (or lack thereof) from Down Under

Kangeroo_1 I just got back from three weeks in Australia, where, among other things, I learned that 1) most kangaroos are nocturnal and not to be messed with at any time of day; 2) Piggs Peake wine beats Yellowtail any day of the week; 3) Hotel Bondi can get loud, particularly on New Year’s Eve; and 4) M. Ward might be selling out Town Hall in New York, but he’s still playing energetically for 200 people at a time at grubby bars in Brisbane. I didn’t pay much attention to the advertising, you’ll be relieved to know—a vacation is a vacation, after all. (For an introduction to Oz ads, look here. And if you’re in New York or L.A., immerse yourself in Australia Week this week.) In any case, it’s good to be back, though I wouldn’t mind moving the home office to Noosa.

—Posted by Tim Nudd