Not those iPods again

It’s indisputable that Apple’s iPod is the accessory of the moment. Even here at AdFreak we’ve felt compelled to write about it twice in two days. But what, you may be wondering, is this picture of little, colorful, woolen iPod-shaped things?

Why, they’re accessories for the accessory! Yes, folks, for a mere $29, you can outfit your iPod with any one of six vibrant color socks (green, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink). That’s right, socks!

Overenthusiastic copy on the MacConnection Web site introduces us to “the year’s coziest and most vibrant iPod accessory.” It even offers instructions: “Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm.” Just like a cuddly little baby! The iPod, anthropomorphized!

Now, we know that Apple loyalists are a wee bit zealous. Hell, we are Apple loyalists. But even for those of us who appreciate the sleek design of the iMac and the uniqueness of a tangerine iBook, this is just too precious. It’s tantamount to dressing your dog, which is one of our pet peeves (no pun intended).

Don’t put it in a sock. Put a sock in it!

—Posted by Ann M. Mack