Not much goes right in Toshiba’s laptop lab


Wunderman really works it for Toshiba laptops, trying hard to wring some humor out of a strained lab-test premise. The equipment looks like leftovers from Lost in Space, which is cool. The host resembles the sidekick from Home Improvement, which isn't. In this clip, a nerdy assistant named Gary gets "de-resolutionized in the 8-Bitonator 2000," a contraption that looks like a spacepod/public toilet. The dude emerges all wacky-pixilated, like he's made of Legos. The same fate can befall those who use actual public toilets, by the way. They made five of these Web clips, which run about two minutes each. That's about six clips too many. See the others at Ads of the World. They should consider using the retro-tech hardware in that lab to reboot and upgrade the whole campaign.