Not a lot of love for Chevy’s ‘perfect man’

People get pretty fired up about a topless guy doing housework. Chevrolet’s ad for the 2009 Traverse shows a "perfect man" ironing his mate’s dress while planning their six-month anniversary dinner. I found it pretty vanilla, but the spot seems to have raised hackles on both sides of the gender divide. MSNBC’s Allison Linn says it’s "tacky, nonsensical and weirdly evocative of pornography." Todd at the Iced Tea & Sarcasm blog thinks it’s a blatant ripoff of the (quite safe for work) book Porn for Women. And a commenter named Lunchbox420 on the unofficial Opie and Anthony forums believes the "Chevrolet Traverse Homo Commercial" is just another example of Madison Avenue "emasculating the American white man." Maybe Chevy should have avoided controversy altogether by showing the perfect man as a dancing robotic alcohol dispenser.

—Posted by David Griner