Not even Ed Begley can make Census funny

What do you think of "Snapshot of America," the Draftfcb mockumentary for the U.S. Census? Might as well tell us here, because commenting is disabled on the official video. Nearly a week after the multi-pronged campaign went live, the clip (posted below, and purportedly part  one of a series), directed by Christopher Guest, has racked up a pretty meager 1,400 views on YouTube. For a once-a-decade project involving every living American, that's a pretty crummy return on investment. The video seems to be hampered by the same problem that plagues all campaigns meant to "go viral"—i.e., it's simply not that funny. Sure, it features some of the best actors from Guest's films, such as Best in Show and For Your Consideration. But the joke is a chuckler at best, and dragged out to three minutes, that chuckle gets spread pretty thin.

—Posted by David Griner