Not-dead Frosties kid finally speaks up

Frosties In July, we wrote about the child actor from an annoying U.K. Frosties cereal ad who was rumored to have died, possibly by suicide, or possibly at the hands of bullies who didn’t appreciate his boundless energy and glee in the commercial. The rumor turned out to be false, but at the time, the kid didn’t speak to the media. Now he has, in a Sun story with the chilling headline, “Cereal killers after Frosties Kid.” The South African actor, referred to only as “Sven,” is clearly upset that people hate his performance so much. “I had a look on the Net and was so surprised,” he says. “Why would people want to humiliate someone they don’t even know? It’s not who I really am. I was given a character to portray, and that’s what I did. One person said you should blame the director, or the scriptwriter. I liked that comment. I’m not going to go out and stab myself or commit suicide because of things people are saying.” For the record, he says making the ad was as painful as watching it. “It was so irritating hearing the jingle over and over,” he says. “After five days I was going up the wall. But I switched off how I felt about it and got on with how the director was asking me to portray the character. I did that to the best of my ability.” The story may have a happy ending. According to the Sun, “Sven has defied his bitter cyber-critics — by focusing on carving out a career as a gymnast.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd