Nokia N9 Claims It Has the World’s Quickest Ads

The Nokia N9 says it's got the world's quickest ads. We all know that's bullshit, since Miller High Life's brilliant 1 Second Ads around the 2009 Super Bowl were clearly quicker, but whatevs. Nine seconds is still pretty short, and pretty jumbled. At the end they urge you to "Show yourself" at the website because clearly they haven't shown you squat. Each nine-second ad focuses on a different feature of the phone and a different person, though all six stories are interconnected. (See the rest of the series after the jump.) It's an interesting new way to talk about a phone that doesn't have much that's new and interesting about it. I mean, it doesn't even seem to have nine features to mention in this nine-second campaign for the N9. If you follow the trail to the site, you find out that swiping from the edge of the screen takes you home. But who cares? Thumbs up for shorter ads. 

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