No Power? No Problem. Coke Creates Bio Cooler for Villages Off the Grid

Evaporation keeps drinks cool

Behold Coca-Cola's newest happiness machine: the Bio Cooler, a soft-drink dispenser that doesn't need electricity or batteries to operate.

The unit, developed by Leo Burnett Colombia and the International Physics Centre in Bogota, uses two cooling methods based on ancient technology. Watering the plants atop the device produces evaporation, and a mirror at the top is used to convert gas into liquid inside the cooler. Coke claims the cooler works better the hotter it gets, and the brand chose to demonstrate in Aipir, Colombia, where temperatures can approach 115 degrees Fahrenheit and residents travel 12 hours to fetch ice.

True to its marketing mantra, Coke's peddling a feel-good vibe—just as it did with those sharable cans that split in half and friendly bottles (also from Burnett Colombia) that can only be opened when joined with other bottles.

Some commenters have questioned whether it's crass to provide a thirsty population with a fridge that dispenses Coca-Cola, which, let's be honest, isn't exactly the healthiest beverage choice. That point would apply if this were a purely altruistic endeavor about bringing water or food to the needy. Instead, this is about bringing people a modest luxury that's normally out of reach, so such arguments don't really hold water.

Via Ads of the World.

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