No One on This Earth Loves McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast More Than This Guy

Latest goofy score from Jingle Punks

Meet Will Perkins, a cardigan-clad Milwaukee resident who loves all-day breakfast at McDonald's so much that he's composing power ballads in its honor.

Thanks to the parody mavens at Jingle Punks, we can watch Will's bedroom performances through a throwback-style website called Will's Universe (aptly hosted on Neocities, which, if you ever saw a Geocities site in your life, should tell you what to expect).

Jingle Punks, a New York-based music and marketing studio, built its rep on clever spec ads and music-based satire. The firm did an orchestral cover of the Meow Mix theme that was a huge viral hit, and has worked with brands like Pepsi, Yahoo, Three Olives vodka, the NFL and Jack Daniel's, on the basis of its unsolicited ads and digital shorts.

Jingle Punks doesn't count the Golden Arches as a client, but is obviously making a stab at some new business with Will's earnest low-tech odes to hash browns and Sausage McMuffins. ("Will" is actually a Punks employee who's reportedly been waiting "his whole life" for all-day breakfast at the burger chain, and wanted to express his devotion in song.)

The videos easily stand on their own, with Will's Labyrinth movie poster and circa-1985 computer as props. But the site has more to give, like creepy Ronald McDonald wallpaper (shown below) and links for making blowtorches out of strawberry Pop-Tarts.

Plus, if you'd like to sign up for the local adult soccer league, Will has you covered.

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