No Einstein left behind in Bush’s address

Apropos of nothing, the Baby Einstein Co. got a valuable plug in last night’s State of the Union address. President Bush praised gallery guest Julie Aigner-Clark (r.) of Centennial, Colo., for launching the kids video company and cashing out by selling to Disney Corp. Aside from its entrepreneurial roots, some bloggers and pundits wondered why this product earned placement in an address normally reserved for mysterious aluminum tubes and yellowcake. “Huh?” says Time’s James Poniewozik. “Clearly she’s a canny businesswoman and believes in her product. But what did Baby Einstein do, other than convince nervous yuppie parents that it was educational to buy mesmerizing video crack for babies—replete with product placements—by vaguely linking them to art, literature and questionable research on the brain-building benefits of classical music for infants?” Maybe Bush wishes he had been a Baby Einstein.

—Posted by Richard Williamson