Nivea Made a Waterslide That Applies Sunscreen to Kids, So Parents Don’t Have to Do It

FCB Cape Town's new invention

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Summer at the beach for parents means the dreaded slathering of sunscreen on their kids. And when the kids want to get out and play in the sand and water, the last thing they want is to stand there while their parents rub sunscreen all over them. 

Nivea has a somewhat elaborate solution to that problem. The brand created a waterslide—the SunSlide—that dispenses waterproof sunscreen so kids get completly covered while enjoying the sun and playing on an awesome inflatable slide. 

FCB Cape Town came up with the SunSlide after learning that South Africa has the world's highest rate of skin cancer, per the Skin Cancer Foundation. The massive water slide is equipped with hundreds of spray-jet portals and filled up with 50 liters (roughly 13 gallons) of SPF 50+ waterproof sunscreen to ensure all participants get equal coverage. 

Once the SunSlide is turned on, it works just like a big water slide but supposedly covers your kid head to toe in sunscreen, even those tough-to-reach places like behind the ears, between the toes and on the scalp. In what was apparently a one-off stunt, Nivea even handed out goggles to each kid who took a trip down the slide to make sure none of them got any sun cream in their eyes. 

"The Nivea SunSlide was a huge success, covering over 100 kids an hour. In the end, plenty of fun was had by all, including a few parents who couldn't help joining in," Mike Barnwell, executive creative director at FCB Cape Town, said in a statement. 

The SunSlide follows FCB Brazil's Nivea doll, designed to burn when sunscreen isn't applied and hopefully teach kids about the importance of getting the SPF on. The year prior, Nivea's solar ad charger was named an Adweek Project Isaac Gravity award winner.

Unlike the Nivea dolls, which really focused on visually teaching kids what happens when you don't apply sunscreen, the latest project seems more like a fun summer stunt rather than an actual teaching experience, but it's a cool idea nonetheless.

Now parents just need to implement a mandatory trip down the inflatable slide every few hours, because even if the sunscreen is waterproof, reapplication is key, everyone!


Client: Nivea

Agency: FCB Cape Town

Director: Troy Davies

Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell

Art Director: Rowan Foxcroft

Copywriter: Jonathan Ollivier

Account Director: Stuart Stobbs

Agency Producer: Ashleigh Jarratt

Designer: Toni Hughes

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.