Nissan Versa Has Plenty of Room for Hipster Haircuts

New ads use series of snapshots to show off space

Headshot of David Griner

Here's a pretty clever visual trick, especially for a car ad focused on something as banal as headroom. Nissan and TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles have crafted two commercials that create a video effect by stringing together what looks like a series of casual snapshots. (Check out one spot below and another after the jump.) This funky approach to animation helps show that the Versa has just as much room for silly hipster fashion choices as it does for heads and feet. UPDATE: My Adweek colleague Gabriel Beltrone points out that Canon used a similar visual style way back in 2008.

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."